• Ashwagandha

    Ashwagandha is a high-quality preparation that will help you improve your vitality, strengthen your immune system as well as concentration. This product is especially recommended during periods of stress, fatigue and concentration problems. The product can be used long term.
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  • Bacopa

    It is a dietary supplement containing small-leaved bacopa leaf extract (Bacopa monnieri). This plant is classified as an adaptogen, and its healing properties will be appreciated by people who have problems with memory. Small-leaved bacopa is a plant from India, where in traditional medicine it has been used, among others, in the treatment of epilepsy, insomnia, as well as a sedative and anxiety-relieving substance.
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  • Curcuma Caps

    The product contains a highly concentrated 10: 1 turmeric extract which is a source of bioactive curcumin and black pepper extract standardized for 95% piperine. One capsule provides 500 mg of the extract corresponding to as much as 5 g of turmeric!
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  • Ginseng Panax

    It is a product containing high-class ginseng extract (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer), standardized for the presence of active substances. This raw material has been used for centuries as a plant supporting the vitality of the body.
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  • Kudzu Root

    Kudzu is a dietary supplement containing a standardized raw material - kudzu root (Pueraria Montana - patchy resistor). Especially recommended in periods related to reducing alcohol consumption and smoking. Kudzu is a plant that has found its use in the Far East in the treatment of diabetes, flu, fever, nausea and migraines. Kudzu root can also lower high blood pressure and alleviate gastrointestinal discomfort.
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  • Maca

    Maca is classified as adaptogens: positively affects concentration, improves memory,increases the body's endurance, supports physical, mental fitness and helps maintain optimal energy levels and stabilizes the hormonal balance. It supports sexual vitality and performance. It has a beneficial effect on the structure and harmonious growth and strength of muscle mass.
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  • Rhodiola

    Rhodiola is a supplement containing standardized Rhodiola rosea extract. Rhodiola rosea is a medicinal plant, found mainly in the mountainous areas of Siberia, and to a lesser extent in Europe and North America. In medicine, the root and rhizome are used, which contain a number of active substances, including adaptogens. These are substances that facilitate the adaptation of the body to unfavorable environmental conditions.
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