• Bustella

    The product contains as many as 10 active ingredients that naturally contribute to the regulation of hormonal activity. The plant extracts contained in the product are a source of phytoestrogens - natural plant hormones. The effect of using the product is visible after 3 weeks of use.
  • Curcuma Caps

    The product contains a highly concentrated 10: 1 turmeric extract which is a source of bioactive curcumin and black pepper extract standardized for 95% piperine. One capsule provides 500 mg of the extract corresponding to as much as 5 g of turmeric!
  • The product contains organic zinc in a highly absorbable chelate form. The product form - lozenges - causes a prolonged release of the active substance and therefore a longer zinc effect in the upper respiratory system.
  • The product contains potassium citrate and potassium bicarbonate, which are a source of potassium ions.
  • MultiVit for men Activlab Pharma is a dietary supplement containing a full set of vitamins and minerals developed especially for men. The product has been additionally enriched with lutein, lycopene, soy lecithin and extracts of mate leaves, ginseng root and ginger rhizomes.
  • It alleviates discomfort associated with prostate enlargement. The product is especially recommended for men over 40 years of age. Extract from sinuate fruit (Sabalis serrulatae) - Alleviates the troublesome symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Regular use of not only memories related to maintaining the condition of the prostate gland, but also allows you to calculate the amount of urine in the bladder. Extract from lateral serrinus is also a source of fatty substances supporting reproductive functions.
  • Selenium 200 μg is a product with a high content of selenium, up to 200 μg in one capsule! Selenium has anti-inflammatory properties, which are acceptable for people suffering from chronic diseases. The element has a beneficial effect on the case of rheumatoid flow of activity, lupus, cataracts and macular degeneration.
  • VITA C 1000 mg Activlab Pharma is a supplement designed as a supplement to the diet with vitamin C. It is recommended to use in states of reduced immunity (autumn-winter period) and in states of increased demand for vitamin C (elderly, stress, smoking).
  • Vitamin C contained in the product helps to reduce fatigue and fatigue, and also maintains normal energy metabolism of the body. The advantages of using the product are in particular the maintenance and proper functioning of the immune system. Vitamin C contained in the product helps to reduce fatigue and fatigue, and also maintains normal energy metabolism of the body.
  • Vitamin B-Complex Activlab Pharma is a product containing a set of B vitamins.
    • Vitamins B6, B12, biotin, niacin and thiamine support the maintenance of normal psychological functions.
    • Vitamins B6, B12, folic acid, pantothenic acid, niacin and riboflavin contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
    • Pantothenic acid helps to maintain mental performance at the correct level.
    • Biotin supports the maintenance of the proper metabolism of macronutrients, healthy hair and skin.
  • Vitamin C 100%

    Vitamin C in the form of a powder for dissolution, up to 1000 mg in a single serving !!!
    • helps in the proper functioning of the immune system
    • protects cells against oxidative stress
    • contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and to the maintenance of normal energy metabolism
  • Product with a high content of Vitamin C (up to 2000 mg) and Zinc (up to 25 mg) in a single serving. Zinc is in the form of a highly absorbable amino acid chelate. It helps in maintaining the proper functioning of the immune system.

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